Financing Cayman Real Estate

Most Cayman retail banks offer competative mortgage facilities to residents and non residents alike to help realise their dream Caribbean holiday home or main family residence. Whether you are buying undeveloped land, a new home or buying a real estate investment there are many lending institutions to choose from to turn your vision on the Cayman Islands into a reality.

Ideally you should consider securing your funding before your property search to avoid possible disappointment upon finding your perfect Cayman home. Once the banks' due diligence is completed, you will find the process straightforward. Borrowing in Cayman attracts a stamp duty levy of 1% (1.5% over $300,000) plus requiring a down payment of between 10-40%.

Foreign borrowers will be pleased to know that in most cases, interest accrued on their mortgage in the Cayman islands is tax deductible. A 10 to 15 year term is considered normal,although lenders do offer 30 or even 40 year mortgages dependent on the age and personal circumstances od the applicant.

Flexible Financing 

However, if you are looking for an alternative to a traditional mortgage or construction financing, then borrowing against your investment portfolio to purchase a Cayman home may be the ideal solution for you. The loan proceeds can then be used to purchase the Cayman property of your choice with no appraisal requirements for the property and no disruption to your investment strategy.   

Additional Advantages Include:

Attractive borrowing rates lower than a traditional mortgage

Interest-only loans

Customised repayment options

Multicurrency loans

Flexible and cost effective financing of construction phase

Ability to source 100% financing

No mortgage stamp duty to pay

Set up in under 4 weeks  

Whether you’re in search of an investment or vacation property or better refinancing of an existing home, through our professional partners Savills Cayman can assist with finding flexible credit arrangements that suit your overall financial goals.








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