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In a world teeming with overseas investment opportunities, navigating your way to safe and solid ground can be a challenge. A sure-fire guiding strategy is to go where your investment is welcomed and stay where it is well treated. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Cayman Islands.




Christopher Columbus had the good fortune to discover The Cayman Islands back in 1503, when strong winds blew him off course. Today you can discover them for yourself and trust in Savills new office on Grand Cayman to steer you towards terra firma as this British Overseas Territory enjoys unprecedented growth and prosperity.

Seen as the gateway to the Americas, with zero taxation, the highest standard of living in the Caribbean, economic and political stability and a highly supportive business environment, this tropical paradise is a peerless overseas investment.

Buying land and property in the Cayman Islands is arguably one of the safest real estate opportunities anywhere in the world. Operating under British Common Law with a robust land registry in place, the process of acquisition of freehold real estate is guaranteed by the Cayman government.

Located in the Western Caribbean Sea, 200 miles northwest of Jamaica and just an hour’s flight from Miami, Cayman benefits from a tropical climate and miles of pristine beaches including famous Seven Mile Beach, regarded as one of the best beaches in the world. Its relatively small population of around 55,000 people from more than 100 nationalities is supplemented by more than 1.5 million tourists a year to make a vibrant cultural mix on the islands. The Cayman Islands have long been a treasured world-class destination for divers exploring its amazing coral reefs and Bloody Wall Bay, one of the most stunning underwater sites in the world. Add to this hundreds of bars and restaurants offering fine dining and Michelin starred cuisine, duty free shopping of luxury brands, three signature golf courses and the world’s most prestigious hotel chains, and the appeal is obvious.

The diversity of regular tourists is good news for the investor and holiday home owner as it means that the hotels and rental apartments currently on the island are booked up most of the year, creating demand for more accommodation and supporting the islands property market. As the world’s fifth-largest financial centre, ranking alongside Hong Kong and Zurich, the business and investment potential is held firmly in place by the island’s tax-free status and a progressive government supporting a commercial environment.

With the absence of property tax, inheritance tax, income and capital gains tax, Savills global network provides the overseas real estate investor easy and transparent access to this unique setting in the Caribbean. Whether you are relocating to Grand Cayman or would like to find out more about Cayman real estate, Savills can help. Offering a wide choice of products from ocean front land investments, lock-up–and-leave beach front condos right through to opulent family estates, with the islands on the cusp of further significant growth, the timing is ideal.


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