Cost of Living

The Cost of Living in the Cayman Islands is relatively high compared to Europe or the United States.

Nearly every item available for sale needs to be imported from overseas this includes essentials like milk and butter as well as luxury items like boats and cars. Each of these items is subject to an import duty payable to the Cayman Islands government. The duty varies with the items but most fall under the 22% rate. Some items such as cameras are actually duty free. Complete information on the custom tariff can be found on  Added to the cost of living are high rental prices for apartments. The high costs of everyday living are being off set by the absence of income tax. However you may encounter other cost that you won't have in your home country. Children of non-Caymanian parents, for example, will have to go to one of the private school which will require a school fee to be paid. There are many private schools for all ages. Many of which are faith school reflecting the strong religious society in the Cayman Islands. 



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